November 2015: New System 96 Swirls, Evenheat Touchscreen Technology and Artico in colour!

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19/05/2018 | Perth Art Glass Newsletter

Strawberries & Cream Liquorice Swirl OpalArtPerth Art Glass introduces....

Strawberries & Cream OpalArt

The luscious Fusers' Reserve™ Red Transparent with bold White swirls has been so popular that we have now added it as a permanent member of the OpalArt family. The rich Red (151SF) and White combination is more than just an important Christmas glass -- it also makes a perfect base for Valentine's Day projects and floral compositions. Its translucent qualities make it an interesting option for stained glass work, as well.

Liquorice Swirl OpalArt

Also coming is the striking Liquorice Swirl - a dramatic Black and White combination suited to a timeless sophisticated look.

Both are available early December. Pre order your sheets today!

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ArticoLimited supply of Artico in colour

With Artico coloured glass now out of production Leadlighters doing repair Stained Glass will be please to know that Perth Art Glass has found a limited supply of Artico in colours.  This is NOT an ongoing supply so here is an opportunity to obtain some to put aside for the inevitable repairs which will need doing over the coming years. 

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209SFReformulated 209SF is Here!

We are pleased to announce that System 96® 209SF Crystal Opal has been reformulated and is back in stock! 209SF is now a stirred product displaying delicate wisps of subtle variation in opacity and yielding a more organic look. As with the previous formula, there can be variation in the overall opacity level.  

Luminescent 209SF Crystal Opal is the perfect glass for lighting projects -- or any project that calls for a light-diffusing White glass. 

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Touch screenEvenheat introduces the TAP control with Touchscreen Technology and Wi-Fi

An exciting new innovation from Evenheat Kilns. Always at the forefront of kiln development and quality the new Evenheat TAP controller will be an option available with our next shipment of Kilns. 

Touchscreen technology, full text displays and Wi-Fi compatibility are now a reality with Evenheats introduction of the TAP touchscreen kiln control by SDS Industries. The large touchscreen display allows all information to be presented in legible word form, nothing is cryptic or confusing. The menu driven software spells out everything, literally. Simply respond to the screen with a touch! The TAP control is pre-loaded with firing schedules for glass, ceramic or metal clays use. Of course the TAP control also allows you to enter in your own, personal firing information for full artistic control.

The TAP controller is designed for computer networking via USB Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections. This connectivity allows the user to monitor the kiln, develop and edit programs and perform TAP controller functions from a network connected computer, tablet or other mobile devise. Wi-Fi and web based Apps are expected to be available Dec of 2015. Evenheat has also designed the control enclosure for direct access to the USB and Ethernet ports, just plug and go. There's no need to disassemble the control to make these connections.  Evenheats TAP controller offers many more features such as real-time graphical viewing, on-the-fly features, diagnostic and preventative maintenance support.

For more details click here.

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New MouldsNew Moulds

Perth Art Glass will receive its latest shipment from Creative Ceramics mid November.  These are four new moulds to enhance our already huge range of top quality ceramic moulds. 

Click on your favourite mould for more details on our website.

Wall Mounts

New Wall Mounts

Perth Art Glass has some fantastic new Wall Mounts for you that don't require you to drill through your delicate artwork.  These small and discreet mounts are anchored into the wall with screws for strength and stability with your Artwork simply slotting into place.  Each mount is weight rated to 8 Kilos.  Sold in convenient packs of 4.

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