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23/06/2018 | Perth Art Glass Newsletter

New Glass is in!

With the current shortage of some Spectrum and System 96 Glass starting to make life a little difficult for our glass artisans, Perth Art Glass is working hard to overcome these shortages by sourcing other brands to fill gaps where ever we can so that our customers are not disadvantaged.

Good News!  Our latest shipment has arrived this week and we have unpacked some beautiful new glasses.

For our Fusing customers we have increased our range of Wissmach 96 colours and brought in a large quantity of Wissmach 96 Clear so that your production can continue as usual.  Wissmach have produced some beautiful complimentary colours to System 96 which we are sure you will appreciate.  Pop into the store and have a look at these great new Wissmach colours and draw some inspiration from them.   We also have good stocks of System 96 Rack packs open giving you squares of System 96 colour at a great price. 

For our Leadlight customers we now have a brand new selection of Vision art glass which you can find in the racks or on our website. This stunning new Leadlight glass has a subtle texture with the clarity of colour similar to antique glass at a very reasonable price.

The Oceanside team have begun to produce glass however it is still some time away from reaching our shores as we have to wait for them to build up their inventory.  We are confident that System 96 and Spectrum glass will be back soon, bigger and better than ever!  In the meantime Perth Art Glass will be doing our best to support our customers through this rough patch

Vision Art Glass

View the range here

Wissmach 96

View the range here

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Calling all Artisans

Community Exhibition opportunities

The 2017 Make Smoking History Canning Show is accepting interest from hobby craft workers and artists within Western Australia to enter their art and crafts in the Show Competitions.

For information reserve a copy of the Schedule of Entries to be released in August. 

Simply email Dianne@cahr.com.au

or check out their Facebook Page – Canning Show

The Canning Show is a fantastic way for young and amateur artisans to develop their exhibition and competition entry skills. 

Exhibits are independently judged and prize cards awarded.  There are also lots of prizes to be won.

The exhibition is expected to be viewed by 10,000 people who attend the Canning Show each year. 

PASS THE WORD to your students, friends and followers. 

We also host competition in photography, baking, floral art and more… 

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Oceanside Update

It has come to Oceanside's attention that some rumors are floating around about their glass production. So this is to set the record straight!

Glass is being produced.
We are filling sheet orders of Spectrum®, Uroboros® and System 96® sheet glass.
We are focused on filling distributor orders and building up our inventory levels.
Glass accessories, rack packs and additional kits are being defined for redistribution (more news to come this fall).
Our product schedule announced on May 18 is still accurate. Here it is again:

Don't let the rumors scare you. We have been doing our very best to be transparent about production and our progress and continue to be committed to the successful relaunch of Spectrum, Uroboros and System 96 products to the market! Thank you for all your support and patience through this transition. We are more excited than ever to get the glass back in your hands! Any questions? Email us at Artglass@glasstile.com!

Feel free to follow this link to Oceanside's video - https://vimeo.com/221943453?ref=fb-share&1

Take a tour with us Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=82&v=zw_6N7xT5nM

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July Class Schedule

Woven Textile Design

Join us to create beautiful woven textile designs in glass.  This very effective technique, mastered by Ian Dixon and Margaret Pickett, is taught over a two day course which will cover design, colour selection, cutting and layout. Your design will then be slumped so that you have two stunning, finished pieces to take home.  The only skills requirement is that you can confidently cut glass, Ian and Margaret will guide you through the rest.

This Course is running across 2 Saturdays the 8th of July and the 15th. It is Limited to 6 students - We only have 3 spots left in this class however this is the last Woven Textile class for the year so give us a call on 08 9314 5811 if you would like to book a spot.

Pattern and Flow Bars

Pattern and flow bars are used to create interesting, repetitive design components used in fused glass projects. Each student will make a pattern bar and jointly create a flow bar during the first day. On the second day they will be cut on the diamond saw and used to produce a finished work.

This Course is running across 2 Wednesday mornings, the 12th and 19th of July. It is Limited to 6 Students. This is the last Pattern and Flow Bar class for the year so give us a call on 08 9314 5811 if you would like to book a spot.


This course is run by John Dornan, an experienced Leadlighter, with over twenty years experience. This very comprehensive course which will allow students to produce a high standard of work & the confidence to continue alone. The aim of the course is to design & manufacture a traditional leadlight panel.

This Course is currently full. You are welcome to give us a call if you would like to be put on our waitlist. The next leadlight class is running across 6 Wednesday evenings from the 11th of October until the 15th of November.


This one day introductory course is a hands-on workshop that teaches students the essential basics of glass beadmaking; including the various tools and decorative techniques.

This Course is running on Thursday the 27th of July, We still have 2 spots left so give us a call om 08 9314 5811 to book in.

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