Everything you need to know for registrations!

Registrations open Monday!
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Registrations open Monday!
Highly regarded worldwide and one of Western Australia's iconic events, the Rottnest Channel Swim is a 19.7km open water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island. Whether competing as a solo, duo or team, the Rottnest Channel Swim is a 'team' event with all swimmers surrounded by a support network of paddlers, boat skippers and crew. The event, managed by the Rottnest Channel Swim Association, is held in February of each year and is Rottnest Island's biggest day.

Registration information

With registrations just days away, make sure you have the right dates locked into your calendar and take note of our new opening time:

Solos / Tandem Solos:

  • 8.30am (AWST) Monday, 22 October to 5.30pm (AWST) Sunday, 28 October. As per previous years, all Solos are guaranteed their entry into the Event.

Lavan Charity Challenge Teams

  • 30 places will be available for the Lavan Charity Challenge with registration on a first-in first-served basis during solo week, from 8.30am (AWST) Monday, 22 October to 5.30pm (AWST) Sunday, 28 October.
  • Click here for more information on raising money for your charity of choice and the Lavan Charity Challenge.

Duos and Teams:

  • Registrations for Duos and Teams open at 8.30am (AWST) Wednesday, 31 October. Last year registrations sold out in under an hour, so make sure you are ready at 8.30am to secure your spot.
  • Other team members have until 5.30pm (AWST) Sunday, 4 November to join their team. Teams and duos without all their members entered by this time, risk losing their spot.
  • Please note, no spots will be reserved for international, interstate and regional participants.

Tip: be prepared and set up your ACTIVE.com account (also known as an Active Passport), prior to registrations. For more information on how to do this and the registration process, visit our Registration FAQ page.

For all other info, including entry fees, event categories and the first-in-first-served process, go to the Event Info tab on our website.


Struggling to get a boat? How about the Tandem Solo option…

Tandem Solos allow two Solo swimmers to share a boat. It's a great option for swimmers who regularly train together and swim at the same pace.

When you register to swim as a Tandem Solo, you must register under the Tandem Solo category and include the full name of the person you will be swimming with.

To ensure both swimmers have a safe and successful solo crossing we have the following event rules in place:

  • Swimmers must stay within close proximity of each other (10-20 meters). This means swimmers will need to swim at the same pace.
  • Each swimmer must have their own paddler.
  • If a partner Solo swimmer is slower, the other swimmer must slow to meet their pace. Alternatively, either Solo swimmer may choose to withdraw.
  • If a partner Solo swimmer becomes unwell and requires medical assistance causing the boat to have to stop, the other swimmer will either tread water until the boat is able to proceed or also withdraw from the event.


Lavan Charity Challenge



Now in its 13th year, the Lavan Charity Challenge has become a competitive category in the Rottnest Channel Swim. A race within a race, teams compete exclusively for the Charity Challenge Cup, gain themselves some merchandise and donate a share of the registration fee to a charity of their choice.

As in previous years, registrations for the Lavan Charity Challenge will open during the solo registration period (8.30am (AWST) Monday, 22 October - 5.30pm (AWST) till Sunday, 28 October 2018). With just 30 spots available in that week make sure you put the dates in your diary and pull your team together!


2020 Rotto Accommodation opens next week



The 2020 Rottnest Channel Swim will be held on Saturday, 22 February 2020. Accommodation bookings for February 2020 open on Wednesday, 24 October 2018 from 8:30am. Book online or phone (08) 9432 9111.

*Note: a two-night minimum stay applies on all Saturday nights.  

To view accommodation options today, visit www.rottnestisland.com/accommodation-types  


We're looking for volunteers!



With the 2019 Rottnest Channel Swim just four months away, we've begun our search for volunteers! Volunteers are a vital part of the Rotto Swim culture and without their amazing dedication we would not be able to deliver the Event.

We require volunteers for a variety of roles, both at the:

  • Event Briefing - Saturday, 2 February 2019; and
  • Event Day - Saturday, 23 February 2019 at the start and finish line.

If you want to join our amazing volunteer crew and be part of the largest open water swim in the world, you can register here. Hurry, places are limited!

Please note, volunteers must attend the compulsory Volunteer Briefing at 10am on Saturday, 19 January 2019 at HBF Stadium.


Virtual Rottnest Channel Swim



The Virtual Rottnest Channel Swim (VRCS) is back again and designed for those who cannot make the Rottnest Channel Swim or simply want a bit of fun and friendly competition at their local pool!

The VRCS encourages swimmers not only to get involved in their local community but also to raise funds for their local swim club. Participants must be at least 10 years old to enter, and we welcome expressions of interest from all areas!

If you and your local pool are interested, please register your interest by completing the form and sending it to query@rottnestchannelswim.com.au. 


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