May 2015 Newsletter: New System 96 Glass, Evenheat Kilns and Fusing Moulds!

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18/05/2018 | Perth Art Glass Newsletter

Vanilla Cream System 96

New System 96 - Vanilla Cream

Following the initial, and very successful limited release of Vanilla Cream Fusers' Reserve™, we are pleased to announce that Vanilla Cream #210-73SF is now a regularly stocked product! The special full-fused effects remain the same: Vanilla Cream lightens on the top and bottom surfaces, while lightening substantially in its core/center. This artistically blended glass can also exhibit organic variations in opacity. 

A new characteristic has been added — a subtle Satin texture on the top surface that helps to distinguish the glass in two ways:

  1. It tells the user that this glass can alter when fired.
  2. It will also help users tell Vanilla Cream apart from Almond 210-72SF, as the two glasses can appear extremely similar in colour prior to fusing.
Note: Just as with all System 96 textured glasses, Vanilla Cream is easiest to cut on its smooth side. The Satin texture will fuse out when fired beyond a Tack Fuse. 

Vanilla Cream also provides a lovely, strong reaction when fused with our copper-bearing glasses.

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New Kilns

Our home studio just got bigger!

Evenheat has just designed a 43.2cm x 43.2cm x 16.5cm Kiln with structural firebrick and high efficiency superwool fiber lid, the Studio Pro 17 RM defines High Performance in a large Home Studio Design.

The ever popular Studio Pro 14 has been upgraded to a Studio Pro 15 which is now constructed with a superwool fiber lid eliminating the chance of brick dust dropping on your work.

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New MouldsNew moulds have arrived!

Check out these gorgeous new moulds from Creative Ceramics, in store now!

  • Square Slumper - Circle Base: 15 x 15 x 3.5 cm (Code: 958.413)
  • Rectangular Slumper - Oval Base: 24 x 16 x 3.7 cm (Code: 958.414)
  • Oval: 29 x 18 x 3.5 cm (Code: 958.415)
  • Oval: 20 x 13 x 3 cm (Code: 958.416)
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Textured Cathedral

A great replacement for the discontinued Euro Cathedral

Tanami Glass has been produced as cost effective restoration glass to replace the old, discontinued Euro Cathedral. This glass achieves that same dimpled rolling texture for a fraction of the price. As a new product on the market, it is sold in 4 colour varieties with the potential for more.

Come in store to see these great colours.

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Clear Textured Glass

New clear textures for Leadlighting and Laminating

We have four great new clear textures available in store now:

  • Clear Sandy - Pictured left (Code: MI059CH)
  • Clear Shell - Pictured left middle (Code: MI076CH)
  • Clear Orient - Pictured right middle (Code: MI055CH)
  • Clear Linear - Pictured right (Code: MI072CH)

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