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16/02/2019 | Perth Art Glass Newsletter

Kilns Have Arrived

New In: KingPin 88

The Kingpin 88 combines classic style with Evenheat design and Performance.

The Kingpin 88 is perfect for jewellery and glass firing and is equipped with 4 user defined custom programmes for glass, beads and general firing.

The bead doors on the Kingpin 88 feature a wide 7-12" opening as well as 15 mandrel teeth for maximum use. The bead door also features a soft, flexible seal that forms slightly around the bead mandrel for added stability.

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Back in Stock: GTS2541

Evenheat's GTS 2541 is the original large, oval shaped kiln that continues to lead the way in performance and design.

 The GTS 2541 is designed to fire glass and is quite capable of all glass related firing up to 982°C, such as painting, fusing, slumping, casting, etc. It should be noted that the GTS 2541 is designed to fire a single layer or shelf. The nature of the GTS 2541 is to provide heat from the lid elements directly to the shelf containing the glass. 

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New to Evenheat: GT41

The GTS 41 is Even heat's largest top loading glass kiln. The firing chamber dimensions exactly match the Studio Pro 41 to give you a large, uninterrupted firing surface.

The GTS 41 features our TAP Touchscreen, Genesis Touchscreen, Rampmaster or Set-Pro controls and is standard equipped with our exclusive Swing View Adjustable Viewing, Wide Lid Handle and Full Stainless Jackets. Add a full seamless shelf to your GTS 41 to get the most usable firing area.

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Final Courses for 2017

Fusing and Slumping

This sought after course is designed to introduce the basic principles of glass firing and offering an opportunity to be instructed by Ian Dixon.

 Students will be educated on essential techniques including a large variety of functional information; such as the best products to obtain professional results and scientific principles in glass fusing. You will be taught the intricacies of firing schedules so that you can confidently execute your own works of art.

This course is running on Wednesday the 1st of November, 9.30am - Approx. 4pm. This is the last Fusing and Slumping class for the year so give us a call on 08 9314 5811 if you would like to book a spot.

Crackle and Flexiglass Techniques

Discover 2 creative techniques using glass powders in the one 3 hour work shop.

Crackle is an interesting technique using glass powders to create a fractured looking surface design not dissimilar to cracked earth. A simple, quick and unique process that can be used in many fused projects.

Flexi Glass is a liquid medium used in conjunction with glass powders. It's a great way to create wafers of glass that can be cut with scissors, or punched then layered to create intricate detail. Additionally free form shapes can be created by painting with the Flexi Glass medium.

This course is running on Tuesday the 14th of November, 1pm - Approx. 4pm. This is the last Crackle and Flexiglass class for the year so give us a call on 08 9314 5811 if you would like to book a spot.

Liquid Stringer/Line work and Cold Combing Techniques

Liquid stringer medium is a specially designed vehicle that can be mixed with frits, enamels and powders enabling you to pipe and cold comb glass. Cold combing is a great way to achieve the details of combed glass without having to work inside a hot kiln. The piping technique allows you to create free hand line work directly onto the surface of the glass.

This course is running on Tuesday the 21st of November, 6pm - Approx. 9pm. This is the last Liquid Stringer/Line work and Cold Combing class for the year so give us a call on 08 9314 5811 if you would like to book a spot.

Click here for more information on our Classes 

2018 Classes

We will bring out our 2018 schedule early February so keep an eye out on our newsletters and website for more info. Alternatively if there is a particular class you are interested in give us a call and we will pop you down on our Expressions of Interest list and we will call you when we have confirmed dates.

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Lamberts Glass

Perth Art Glass is proudly an authorised distributor for Lambert's.

We have one of Australia's largest selection of this beautiful glass.

Click Here to watch a phenomenal video published by Lamberts demonstrating the process to get their restauro® - Genuine Window Glass

Click here to see what we have in stock

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Spectrum Glass Update

                                                                               Oceanside Glasstile now tell us...

A long awaited update is in order! But before we get started, can we just say "THANK YOU!" for all your patience and support over the last year! We all have had such a crazy year in this glass whirlwind, but we are rounding the corner and ready to start celebrating with more glass for all.

In the last few months we have accomplished a lot!

Frit is underway!

System 96 is in production. . .

It will still be some time before Perth Art Glass has stock but progress is progress!

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Christmas is Coming!

Don't forget we have a gift shop available to browse for the perfect Christmas Present or Gift Vouchers available if your looking for a gift for a glass Artist.


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