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20/05/2018 | Perth Art Glass Newsletter

The End of something Spectacular

St Georges Cathedral, Perth WA

This has been an amazing project; the designs proposed by Ian Dixon, artist and owner at Perth Art Glass were submitted back in 2007. The designs are based on the Crucifixion and sit high in the clerestory using colour in a religious context to create a cascading kaleidoscope that washes down the walls and across the floor of the Cathedral. In 2015 approval from the Cathedral and funding from donors allowed us to proceed with stage one in early 2016.  The project was completed at Easter 2017. There are 51 windows in total that make up approximately 40 square meters of Lambert's antique glass in conjunction with some dichroic coated glass fused to system 96 colour. The dichroic coated glass reflects back into the Cathedral during evening services as does the white Lambert's opaque glass to create star like quality.

If you visit the Cathedral to view the windows there is a booklet available explaining the art work and its significance.

Thank you to all who have generously backed this project, the donors, John Shepard the past Dean at the Cathedral whose vision of the cathedral bathed in coloured light initiated the venture and not to mention all the current staff at Saint Georges who supported the concept through to its completion. A big thank you to Artur, Linda, Joe and Alec who assisted Ian throughout the project. 

And thank you to the team at Lamberts glass for making the most beautiful glass achieving the effect we were striving for.

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Kilns and Moulds Due to Arrive

We are eagerly awaiting our next shipment of Moulds and Kilns which is expected early May.


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May Classes

Wow May is a month FULL of classes!

Copper Foil

This one day course covers the basic principles of glass cutting, foiling and assembly so that you can make your own copper foil creations. In this course students will create a sun catcher or small project from a variety of patterns.

This Course is running on the 1st of May and is Limited to 8 Students.


This course is run by John Dornan, an experienced Leadlighter, with over twenty years experience. This very comprehensive course which will allow students to produce a high standard of work & the confidence to continue alone. The aim of the course is to design & manufacture a traditional leadlight panel.

This course is running over 6 Wednesday evenings starting on the 3rd of May and is limited to 8 Students.

Fusing and Slumping

This sought after course is designed to introduce the basic principles of glass firing and offering an opportunity to be instructed by Ian Dixon. Students will be educated on essential techniques including a large variety of functional information; such as the best products to obtain professional results and scientific principles in glass fusing. You will be taught the intricacies of firing schedules so that you can confidently execute your own works of art.

This course is running on the 6th of May and is Limited to 8 Students - We only have 2 spots left so give us a call asap to book a spot!


Fritscapes is designed to introduce students to an exciting new technique for creating pictorial artworks in glass. This exciting new course is taught by glass artist Margaret Pickett, who specialises in this technique. Using glass frit and powder students will create two Fritscape pieces using simple landscape designs as inspiration. At the end of this course Margaret's experience will provide students with the ability to create and assemble their own Fritscape Glass pieces.

This Course is running on the 15th of May and is Limited to 8 students.

Bead Making

This one day introductory course is a hands-on workshop that teaches students the essential basics of glass beadmaking; including the various tools and decorative techniques.

This course is running on the 27th of May and is limited to 6 students - This Class is full our next date for this is the 27th of July.

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Antique Mouth Blown Glass Scrap Bags

We are putting together some absolutely stunning scrap bags for our non-fusible customers, these bags will be approx. 1kg for $15 of the stunning Lamberts Antique Mouth Blown Glass. Each bag will be a random selection of a wide Variety of colours.

These will be available early May and wont stick around so if you would like to pick up some of this stunning glass get in store quick!

Click Here to View our full range of Lamberts Glass

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New Indoor Market looking for Unique Stall Holders

A new indoor Market located in the Swan Valley is opening later this year and is looking for unique stall holders who specialise in Glass Blowing, Leadlighting, Mosaic, craft work etc. If this is something you would be interested in please see the contact details for the organizer below. 

The theme of the market will be freshness, quality and uniqueness.  There will be no Imported items and everything will be fresh and  produced in Western Australia.

The lovely old building is situated on the corner of Railway Parade and Lennard Street, Herne Hill in the Swan Valley.  Being in the Swan Valley the market will attract many tourists as well as the locals and people love to visit markets on a weekend especially a new and different type so It should prove to be a very busy and vibrant market.


Please contact Jean on 0417 544 326 for further information.

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