Kilns, Moulds, Rack Packs all in store now!

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23/06/2018 | Perth Art Glass Newsletter

Kilns have landed!

We are now restocked with your favourite kilns!  These High Quality Evenheat Kilns are single phase in 10 and 15 amp ready for you to simply plugin & Play!


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New Moulds are now in Stock

Our new moulds are in and my oh my there are some beautiful new forms! Here are some pics of our favourites! These brand new shaped moulds come in 3 different versatile sizes, 22cms, 17cms & 13cms, brilliant for smaller kilns.  Pop in store or online to have a look at the huge selection we now have in stock.

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June Classes

A Variety of classes still available for next month.

Vitrigraph and Raking

This one day course will introduce you to two hot glass techniques which you can use to make components to enhance the creativity of your fused glass pieces.


Learn the technique of making your own stringers, canes and interesting components from extruding hot glass directly from the kiln. Students will team up in pairs and discover how to set up glass in the crucible before placing it in the vitrigraph kiln. Students will go home with a variety of components to use on their own projects.

Raking (also known as combing)

An interesting technique that adds another dimension to your work. Participants will make a 200mm x 200mm fused slab that will be raked during the course of the day. They can be collected the following week after they have been annealed. The finished slab can be used as central component for a larger future work.

This Course is running on the 10th of June and is Limited to 5 students - We only have 2 spots left in this class, Give us a call on 08 9314 5811 if you would like to book a spot.

Liquid Stinger/Line work and Cold Combing Techniques

Liquid stringer medium is a specially designed vehicle that can be mixed with frits, enamels and powders enabling you to pipe and cold comb glass. Cold combing is a great way to achieve the details of combed glass without having to work inside a hot kiln. The piping technique allows you to create free hand line work directly onto the surface of the glass.

This Course is running on the 19th of June and is Limited to 8 Students.

Crackle and Flexiglass

Discover 2 creative techniques using glass powders in the one 3 hour work shop.

Crackle is an interesting technique using glass powders to create a fractured looking surface design not dissimilar to cracked earth. A simple, quick and unique process that can be used in many fused projects.

Flexi Glass is a liquid medium used in conjunction with glass powders. It's a great way to create wafers of glass that can be cut with scissors, or punched then layered to create intricate detail. Additionally free form shapes can be created by painting with the Flexi Glass medium.

This class is running on the 26th of June and is Limited to 8 Students.

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Spectrum Update

Here's our latest news from Oceanside Glass.

Sheet Colour Schedule

May 18, 2017

We are sooooo close it hurts! The Spectrum equipment is nearly ready to go hot. We have been checking and double checking, tightening bolts and finalizing the last details of the build out. We've even gone so far as to roll a small test sheet! The stars are aligning and glass will be out soon!


Here is what you can expect:
1ST SET OF FURNACES (Summer & Fall 2017):

  • Clear textures
  • Clear Fusible
  • Opals
  • Ambers
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Reds
  • Champagne
  • Bronze

2ND SET OF FURNACES (Fall & Winter 2017/2018):

  • Clear textures
  • Opal mixes
  • Blues
  • Purples
  • Black
  • Teal
  • Steel
  • Navy
  • Seagreen
  • Copper
  • Deep Aqua

As you know the color palette is vast and we are anticipating 9-12 months before we have run through every single color that Spectrum initially had to offer. Not all products in each color base will be produced initially. Our focus will be on the most requested products and will move on to those left behind as we make our way through the second cycle on each furnace.

Keep it Glassy,

The Oceanside Glass & Tile Art Glass Team

For more updates Click here -

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Rack Packs are back in Fusible and Non-Fusible!

We have an open System 96 Rack pack on the floor ready for a rummage through, at $15 a piece they are running out the door so pop down as soon as you get a chance if you'd like a look!

We have also opened a pack of the non fusible glass as well and there are some stunning selection. Again at $15 a piece which is an absolute bargain!

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